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Airport Administration Staff

Yakima Air Terminal – McAllister Field
2406 West Washington Ave, Suite B

Yakima, Washington 98903
Telephone: 509-575-6149
Fax: 509-575-6185

Office Hours: Mon – Fri   8am to 4:00pm

Rob Peterson, Airport Manager CM / ASC

Rick Stein, Airport Operations & Maintenance Manager


Kris Yalovich, Administrative Asst. – Security, Lease, Projects, & Alt. ASC

Airfield and Terminal Maintenance Staff

Airport Maintenance Shop
3106 West Washington Avenue
Yakima, Washington 98903


Mon – Fri   6am to 3:00pm
Email: Airport Maintenance

Joe Stuhley, Airfield Maintenance Specialist

Mike Bridenback, Airfield Maintenance Specialist

Brian Carlenius, Airfield Maintenance Specialist / Alt. ASC

Ryan Pastor, Airfield Maintenance Specialist

Juan Polina, Building Maintenance Specialist