Master Plan Chapters

Title Page

Table of Contents

Summary– A summary of the main points of the plan.

Existing Conditions – Existing airport conditions: what’s here and what’s happening now.

Aviation Demand Forecasts– What is expected to happen in the future at the airport.

Facility Requirements– What we will need to meet future needs for airplanes (runway, taxiway, hangars, etc.).

Evaluation of Alternatives –  What we will need to meet future needs for aviation users (service counters, commercial services, lounge areas, etc.).

Airport Layout Plan (ALP) –   A map of what we’re going to build.

Financial and Implementation Plan – Provides guidance on how to implement the findings and recommendations of the master plan.


Appendix A –  Glossary

Appendix B –  Terminal Assessment

Appendix C – Pavement Conditions Report

Appendix D – Approach – Departure Plates

Appendix E – City and County Ordinances

Appendix F– ALP Checklist

Appendix G – SEPA Checklist

Appendix H – WSDOT Land Use