Why Fly YKM

Yakima is a continually growing community with a vast business base and great potential. Agriculture plays a major role in our success with our apples, cherries, hops and so much more being shipped across the globe. Yakima is also home to two wonderful hospitals that serve our residents well. Various manufacturing plants call the Yakima Valley their home.

Without the Yakima Air Terminal as a key component to travel in our area, each of those industries would feel a negative impact. They depend on ease of travel for customers, clients and partners to visit their business. They also depend on the Yakima Air Terminal for their own travel needs.

In order for us to keep this community’s much needed hub, we must utilize it to the fullest extent. Few airlines are willing to commit the resources needed to cover a region of our size, and with load levels (number of passengers flying) at rates as low as Yakima. Alaska Airlines has served our community well for decades, but to ensure their commitment, we must increase air travel. And, with an increase in passengers, we have the opportunity to command additional flights to and from Yakima.

Airports have closed across the country leaving travelers with few options and reducing the perception and value of the community. We cannot allow this to happen to Yakima. Business and tourism depend on the Yakima Air Terminal and it is time take another look at your travel plans and start them right at home. Easy, convenient and inexpensive.

Fly-YKM. Yakima’s best way to travel!