About the Airport

Yakima Airport has been an important gateway to and from the Yakima Valley since the 1920s. The airport serves over 70,000 passengers each year, with plans to double the number of passengers served by 2030.

Air transportation services available at the airport include commercial air service provided by Alaska Airlines, air cargo service provided by FedEx and United Parcel Services, emergency medical flights, aircraft manufacturing and testing, corporate aviation, and general aviation.

For more information about Yakima Airport’s facilities and history, please visit our additional information page.


Alaska Airlines

Why Fly YKM?

Flying out of Yakima offers many advantages over driving to the Seattle airport.

Get to your destination faster

Avoid traffic on the pass

Security is quick and friendly

Save money on gas and parking


How early should I be at the airport?

We recommend arriving 90 minutes before flight departure for check-in. Peak times may take longer – these are generally early morning departures. The airport opens at 3:30 a.m. each morning.

Why is it recommended to check-in a least 1 hour and 30 minutes before my departure time?

Alaska Airlines customer service ticket counter closes 40 minutes prior to departure.  Passengers who have not received a boarding pass 40 minutes prior to departure may not be able to check-in or board the flight.

What can I take aboard the aircraft in my checked bags and carry on bags?

For additional information on security requirements and a list of permitted / prohibited items click here.

Are rental cars available in the terminal building?

Budget Rental Car 1-509-248-6767

Hertz Rental Car 1-509-452-9965

Avis Rental Car 1-509-469-4543

Is food and beverage service available in the terminal?

There are vending machines available in the terminal

Can I drop off FedEx packages?

Packages can be dropped off at 3102 W Washington Ave before 4:30pm Monday-Friday for FedEx Ground and Express delivery. If using Express shipping, you may also drop off your package by 2:00pm on Saturdays.

Where do I find a taxi?

A1 Cab – 509.833.6560

BluHawk Taxi – 509.969.7686  or  509.249.8303

I lost something at the airport. How can I find it?

Losing an item while traveling is never ideal. If it happened in our airport, we will help find it. There are several ways to recover the missing item depending on when and where it went missing.

Lost during screening?

If it was lost during the screening process, TSA will be your best bet in recovering your item. Please call 509.575.6149 to reach a service agent.

Lost in the terminal?

If the item was lost in the terminal, please contact us via the online form below or feel free to reach us during normal business, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, excluding holidays at 509.575.6149.

After business hours, weekends and holidays, leave a message at 509.575.6149 and your call will be promptly returned once the office reopens.

Lost on the plane?

For items lost in flight or on board an aircraft, please contact your airline directly. Alaska Air Group can be reached at 800.252.7522 or via their website by clicking here.

Lost in the Parking Lot?

If you lost an item in the airport parking lot, please contact Republic Parking at 509.453.6427 or via email john.suk@reefparking.com