Master Plan

The Yakima Air Terminal is updating their Airport Master Plan in conjunction with URS Corp. – a comprehensive study of the airport’s future development needs. This section of the website is designed to keep the public informed of the process and provide opportunities for public comment on the plan.
The Plan Will Address

  • Compatibility with nearby development
  • Active participation from a wide group of airport stakeholders
  • Dynamic passenger growth caused by many influencing factors
  • Potential impacts on the surrounding community with recommended methods to minimize them
  • Updating the Airport’s current Airport Layout Plan (ALP) documents in accordance with federal airport operating and design standards

Project Schedule

Development of the Yakima Air Terminal Airport Master Plan is expected to take approximately 36 months. Key to the process will be advice and guidance from the community through a stakeholder group, public meetings and ongoing feedback. Major milestones will be the development of aviation demand forecasts in October and November of 2011, development of alternative strategies in early Summer 2012, and finalization of the master plan and formal adoption of the Airport Layout Plan in spring 2014. Each of these milestones will be preceded with an open public meeting during which input will be obtained and incorporated into the final plan. Completion of the Airport Master Plan along with adoption and project closeout is scheduled for Spring 2015.


Additional Documents